Cuthbert on the Issues

For over a decade I have been a community activist. I am coming to IMG_20180911_112147_2the City Council race more experienced as a campaigner, and I have significantly advanced in my appreciation of the issues the public faces.

The three critical issues I am standing for during the campaign are:

· A sustainable economy and support of local business
· Improving public safety and basic services
· Bringing real “open government” back

Sustainable economy: is more than the latest “catch phrase,” it is the most practical path for more living wage jobs, better consumer value, a deeper tax base, and better living standards. The City has neglected economic development for decades only meandering without a plan. We must understand and collect the hard data, learn our community’s assets, and labor market. Then we must target potential employers that are a real “fit” to this unique community. Collectively, small businesses are the major employer nationally, and they deserve our support here. While supporting the existing businesses we need to recruit small corporations to the Valley.

Public Safety: Fire protection, law enforcement, utilities, and services should take priority over a bloated local bureaucracy.

Open government means transparency: We deserve answers and the right to understand the decision-making process. The perception that City Hall ignores the public must be changed.

On the Council, I will continue my commitment to the broad community, set priorities, while creating a sustainable and practical economic development plan.